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Circular economy and structural change are important topics that pose challenges, especially for structurally weak regions.
New markets and innovative approaches are in demand and lead to the growth of a green economy
Hemp is experiencing an impressive renaissance in society and the economy. The possibilities of the cannabis plant are diverse and offer opportunities in many areas. Hemp in the bioeconomy (textiles, construction industry, tourism, packaging, soil recultivation, decarbonization, etc.) offers support in structural change and the achievement of climate goals for cities and economic opportunities in the circular economy for companies, farmers and municipalities.

Let us guide you and get to know our hemp cultivation presentation area in Rhineland Palatinate.
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We help you build a new value chain.

From innovation projects in the bioeconomy with hemp to investment projects for investors. The new cannabis market opens up opportunities for companies and municipalities to build a new and extensive value chain. We support you in tapping into this potential and accompany you in interdisciplinary projects.



We advise based on reliable data.


In collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, we are currently working on a research project on the topic of hemp in the textile sector as part of our Hemp Innovation Hub. Research and knowledge transfer are the basis for our innovative consulting services. We create product-specific hemp made prototypes and studies for companies.

Additionally, we engage in international projects like the Ukraine MAYDAY Report, an analytical report focusing on areas such as the potential of medical cannabis to improve post-war mental health issues. This involves participants from politics, NGOs, and the scientific community. Ukraine has legalized medical Cannabis in 2024



Your marketing and business development is in good hands with us

Whether startup or established hemp company. We increase your awareness and sales. Germany has become the focus for investors and companies in the green economy worldwide. Whether funding opportunities, grants, communication or marketing. We will find the right solution for your company. 


Our Experience

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Hemp in the Bioeconomy

Circular economy and structural change are relevant topics and pose problems especially for structurally weak regions. The topic of hemp in the bioeconomy (textiles, construction industry, packaging, carbon offset/credit, soil cultivation, etc.) offers municipalities support in structural change and economic opportunities for companies, farmers and municipalities,which we present with a Hemp Innovation Hub.

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Cannabinoids in Medicine & Health

Since 2022, our conference THE BODY has been showcasing cannabinoids in sports, health, and therapy. Prof. Raphael Mechoulam contributed as a guest and consultant in the conceptual development and served as a mentor. More than 90.000 Visitors were able to visit THE BODY in 2022 and 2023

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Innovation of a new market

The world is facing challenges and we are changing. It is an opportunity that we can use through new innovations, ways of thinking and approaches in the most diverse areas of life. In order to make this change, we need the support and conviction of society, which we want to achieve with education, knowledge transfer and regional concepts. Your company should do this too.

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