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You are new on the market and want to know how to start?

During our 90-minute consultation, you will gain insights into the ways your company or institution can leverage hemp within the bioeconomy and the legal cannabis market. Following the call, a written summary of key points will be emailed to you for your records. Appointments can be conducted via Zoom or in person at our office.  Consultations on innovation projects related to this topic are eligible for funding, in Germany and some other EU countries and you may submit our invoice accordingly.
The consultation will address questions such as:


✔︎ Market opportunities available
✔︎ Preconditions required for my company
✔︎ Implementation process and potential legal restrictions
✔︎ Government funding opportunities for companies

✔︎  What we can do for you to benefit from the new market

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We will help you to start your Business and find out about the most relevant issues you should consider befor starting.

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Projects on an interdisciplinary level.

Are you already in the market seeking the right partner?

We are receptive to project collaboration and involvement in interdisciplinary ventures within the realms of cannabinoids and hemp in the bioeconomy and health sector. Our expertise lies in Marketing, Communication, and Development.
Please feel free to reach out to us with your requirements, and we can discuss further.


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